10 Highly-Anticipated K-Dramas Releasing In March 2023

There’s a bit of every genre set for the new month.

From fantasy to historical, here are ten of the most anticipated Korean dramas that will air in March 2023.

1. Joseon Lawyer

The historical drama takes place in the Joseon era where a lawyer seeks revenge for the death of his parents, forming friendships with a princess and a judge along the way.

2. Oasis

Oasis also takes a trip back in time, to the ’80s and ’90s, as a trio of friends navigate love, dreams, and friendship.

3. Divorce Attorney Shin

While teaching music as a professor in Germany, a pianist faced a tragedy that made him become a divorce lawyer—fighting for his clients and beginning a journey for truth.

4. Duty After School

Adapting a webtoon, Duty After School turns the world upside down with an alien invasion that causes many deaths. As a result, high school students must forget about university entrance exams and become reserve military forces to battle the enemy creatures.

5. The Glory Part 2

Following the success of Netflix‘s The Glory, the drama will be returning for a second part to continue Dong Eun‘s revenge plot on the people who bullied her.

6. The Real Deal Has Come!

An unmarried pregnant woman and an unmarried man agree to a false contract that takes them on a journey of love, pregnancy, and raising a child.

7. Delivery Man

Working as a taxi driver to make money, Seo Young Min (played by All of Us Are Dead‘s Yoon Chan Young) ends up with passengers of the supernatural kind. With the help of an ER doctor and a ghost (played by Girls’ Day‘s Bang Minah), Seo Young Min grants the wishes of his ghost passengers.

8. A Secret Woman

A Secret Woman follows the misfortune of a wife who goes blind because of her husband and his lover, soon becoming paralyzed by Locked In Syndrome. On her journey to get revenge and discover the truth, she teams up with an rich heiress.

9. Romantic Guest House

The historical drama Romantic Guest House (also known as The Love Story of Flower Scholars), follows three scholars as they unravel the mystery of a disappearance and fall in love with the innkeeper who houses them ahead of their scholar exam.

10. Pandora: Beneath the Paradise

Although the life of the First Lady of Korea seems perfect with a loving husband and daughter, she realizes that she’s lost her memory of the past. When she finally regains it, she seeks to punish those who harmed her.