These Are Currently The 10 Most Popular Topics In Korean Entertainment, Based On Wikipedia

There’s definitely a trend going on right now!

There’s an ongoing project called Wikiproject Korea, which is dedicated to collecting data and organizing all Wikipedia pages related to Korea. By looking at which pages on Korean entertainment have accumulated the most views over a period of time, we can get a pretty good idea about which people and topics are trending the highest over that time period!

These were the 10 most-viewed Wikipedia pages related to Korean entertainment through the month of September. There was definitely a pretty solid trend during the month!

10. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo was already a very well-known Korean actor, starring in the zombie movie Train To Busan and K-Dramas such as Coffee Prince and Guardian: The Great and Lonely God. This month, however, he really picked up more popularity for his cameo in the immensely popular Squid Game series! The Wikipedia page for Gong Yoo accumulated 316,735 views in the month of September, averaging 10,557 views a day.

9. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah has been in the entertainment business since the late 1990s, starting out as a model and acting in music videos for artists such as g.o.d. Since 2001, she began acting in K-Dramas and movies as well, and her recent uptick in popularity is likely due to her role in the popular drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha! The Wikipedia page for Shin Min Ah accumulated 345,494 views in the month of September, averaging 11,516 views a day.

8. Girls Planet 999

Girls Planet 999 is an ongoing competition reality show featuring 99 total competitors from South Korea, Japan, and China. The goal of the competition is to form a new 9-member girl group from these three countries, with the final episode set for October 22. The Wikipedia page for Girls Planet 999 accumulated 357,665 views in the month of September, averaging 11,922 views a day.

7. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho first participated in theater work from 2009-2016 before making his debut in acting in 2017 in the office drama Good Manager.  His popularity began to grow in 2020 with his participation in the series Start-Up, and most recently it has shot up even further with his leading role in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha! The Wikipedia page for Kim Seon Ho accumulated 388,063 views in the month of September, averaging 12,935 views a day.


BLACKPINK is pretty much almost trending for one reason or another just due to their worldwide popularity, but with Lisa’s solo debut on September 10 with the album LALISA, it’s no surprise that people’s interest in her in particular was so high last month! The Wikipedia page for Lisa accumulated 419,879 views in the month of September, averaging 13,995 views a day.

5. Park Hae Soo

Park Hae Soo has appared in K-Dramas as far back as the 2012 series God of War, and in 2017 his role in the drama series Prison Playbook earned him the Best New Actor award at that year’s Seoul Awards. His recent success, however, is due to his main role in the drama Squid Game as the character Cho Sang Woo! The Wikipedia page for Park Hae Soo accumulated 454,855 views in the month of September, averaging 15,161 views a day.

4. Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae has been in the acting industry for a long time, starting with a role in the 1993 drama Dinosaur Teacher. He quickly became a star and got mainly lead roles after that, and while his popularity fluctuated over the years, his recent role as the main character in Squid Game has shot him into worldwide stardom! The Wikipedia page for Lee Jung Jae accumulated 607,920 views in the month of September, averaging 20,264 views a day.

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

The K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is one of the most popular series currently airing. It has also already become one of the highest-rating series in cable television history, and the tenth episode achieved an 11.397% viewership rating (which is over 2.9 million views)! The Wikipedia page for Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha accumulated 755,144 views in the month of September, averaging 25,171 views a day.

2. BTS

This list wouldn’t be complete without BTS, who are inarguably the most well-known K-Pop group in the world right now. Though they aren’t currently promoting new music (apart from their collaboration with Coldplay!), it isn’t surprising that they still are so high on this list! The Wikipedia page for BTS accumulated 760,202 views in the month of September, averaging 25,340 views a day.

1. Squid Game

And of course, coming in at the top of the list for September is the massively successful Netflix drama, Squid Game. It seems to be all that anyone is talking about these days, and the number of views that its Wikipedia page had in September is nearly 8 times as many as that of the #2 topic! The Wikipedia page for Squid Game accumulated 5,952,882 views in the month of September, averaging 198,429 views a day.

Source: Wikipedia