Korean Fans Name Their Favorite Bi-Racial K-Pop Idols Who Are Still Actively Promoting

They’re currently active in the industry.

With the rise of foreign and mixed K-Pop idols, netizens have named who their favorite active bi-racial idols are.

1. Haknyeon (THE BOYZ)

Ethnicity: Hong Konger-Korean

2. Huening Kai (TXT)

Ethnicity: American (of German descent)-Korean

3. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Ethnicity: American (of French descent)-Korean

4. Jeon Somi

Ethnicity: Canadian (of Dutch descent)-Korean

5. Lucas (NCT)

Ethnicity: Thai-Hong Konger

6. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Ethnicity: American-Korean

7. Samuel

Ethnicity: American (of Spanish descent)-Korean

K-Netz also mentioned former PRISTIN member Kyla, who is American-Korean.

Singer Kangnam was also mentioned, as he is Japanese-Korean.

Source: TheQoo