6 Korean Female Celebrities Who Flaunted Their Unreal Proportions In The Miu Miu Low-Rise Miniskirt

These gorgeous women can pull off anything!

In October 2021, luxury brand Miu Miu brought back the Y2K trend of low-rise bottoms, and their low-rise miniskirt, in particular, has been seen quite a few times among Korean celebrities!

| Miu Miu S/S 2022
| Miu Miu S/S 2022

Here are 6 Korean female celebrities who all wore the low-rise miniskirt, and killed it!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona previously had netizens talking about her in the Miu Miu outfit at a photoshoot, and while their opinions about the skirt were divided, their opinions on Yoona’s visuals were not!

Yoona | ELLE Korea

Yoona has always been known for her slender frame, and totally pulls the outfit off like a queen!

| @yoona__lim/Instagram

2. Shin Hyun Ji

Model Shin Hyun Ji also flaunted her incredible proportions in this miniskirt, pairing it with a formal Miu Miu shirt instead of the other woolen crop top!

Shin Hyun Ji | theqoo

3. Irene Kim

Irene Kim is another model who looks ridiculously good in this outfit! She paired the skirt with the matching wool crop top, and took a mirror selfie of her gorgeous self!

| theqoo

4. Kim Na Young

Kim Na Young also totally killed it in this fit! She paired the miniskirt with a shirt and a sweater on top, showing off her slim waist!

Kim Na Young | theqoo

5. Kim Da Mi

For a recent shoot with ELLE Korea, actress Kim Da Mi paired the low-rise mini-skirt with a blue Miu Miu shirt, and pulled it off with her unique vibes!

Kim Da Mi

6. Lee Yoo Mi

Lee Yoo Mi also wore the miniskirt, and managed to look gorgeous! Instead of the beige one, however, Lee Yoo Mi opted for a blue low-rise miniskirt of a more fitted design and a matching top…

| Miu Miu S/S 2022

…and nailed those high-fashion vibes perfectly!

Lee Yoo Mi
Source: theqoo