Korean Females React To Hater Comments…And Have Some Mixed Reactions

These comments could trigger anyone.

Hate comments are one of the worst things that anyone can through, especially Korean celebrities. Netizens are quick to criticize Korean celebrities for absolutely anything, even if it did not harm anyone.

A YouTube channel by the name of “Solfa” had some Korean females react to some hate comments they received on videos they recorded. The reactions were mixed, where some took the comments better than others.

1. Criticizing their faces

Some of them took the comments in a cool manner but still think the comment went a little too far.

Others didn’t take it so well and showed some anger towards the comment.

Some took the opportunity to clap back at the commenter.

2. Flat butt

This comment triggered some of the reactors and didn’t think it was true at all.

Some didn’t take it as harshly and simply agreed with the comment.

3. Dog meat

This triggered the reactors because they felt that this comment was very biased and didn’t understand the logic behind it.

4. Smell

None of the participants agreed with this comment and couldn’t help but explain that they’re very clean people. They also questioned the validity and accuracy of this comment, unless the commenter smelled a bunch of Korean girls.

5. Eyes

This one sparked some serious reactions from the participants. The comments regarding their eyes were very common, so they reacted in a very annoyed manner.

There are more comments and reactions in the full video below.