Lucky Korean Girl Runs Into Irene, V, Suzy, This Is How She Responded

A lucky Korean girl has had the opportunity to meet many popular idols, and recently she revealed what her first impressions were when she met them in person for other fans to enjoy!  

Red Velvet’s Irene

“Crazy, she’s freaking pale and insanely pretty wow f**k, is she a doll?”


“Is she even human?”

EXO’s Sehun

“His chin is crazy, wow his chin is seriously crazy, Oh Sehun can cut someone with that chin.”


“Wow seriously so pale…his eyes…crazy, wow, freaking pretty.”


“Look at her waist. Are all of her organs in it? Wow, wow…”

TWICE’s Jungyeon

“Wow…freaking pretty….”


“Wow…crazy…he looks like a freaking doll.”

AOA’s Seolhyun

“Crazy, her face is freaking small, and her proportions are crazy.”

EXO’s Suho

“Crazy, freaking pale, is he made of paper? Wow, he looks so captivating, wow, freaking handsome.”

EXID’s Hani

“Wow, she’s so tall. Her eyes are daebak huge crazy.”