Korean Girls Reveal Reasons Why They Dumped Their Boyfriends

Love is hard.






“I’ve only dated two people so far and both of them ended because of the same reason… 100th day anniversary.

One boyfriend had to go travel on our anniversary but he lied about when he came back. My friend caught him playing games at a PC bang so I broke up with him.

Another boyfriend said he had a gift for our 100th day anniversary but even after 1 month he didn’t give it to me so I broke up with him.”





“My ex was a really nice guy, and I really liked him a lot.

I would always meet him without any makeup on, and I had braces so even I didn’t think I looked nice. But he would always compliment me and always say that I’m pretty. Even when we were with his friends he would say, ‘Look how pretty she is.’

The problem was that he liked to party a lot and I liked quiet places. I like to read books in a quiet intimate setting, but he liked loud places and loved to socialize with his friends.

We amicably broke up because of these differences, but we’re still friends.

Just recently, I saw him at the school library reading by himself. He was there for hours and that was amazing because he normally wouldn’t be there for over 30 minutes.

I hope he gets to achieve his dream of going to med school.”




Source: Nate