Korean Girls Reveal The Things They Do When Talking To A Guy They’re Interested In

What happens when Korean girls fall in love? Korean girls reveal 7 things that happen when they’re in love.

1. “When a girl is in love, she tries her best with every single phone call. She stays glued to her phone!”


2. “Even the most cynical girl in the universe will become cute around the guy she likes.”


3. “Every text is a quiz. The girl will bring forth her best wit and humor to make sure the conversation continues!”


4. “Girls in love will put in the extra effort to change their profile pictures and statuses as often as possible, and make them as meaningful as possible too!”


5. “Social media becomes a way of flirting! When a girl continues to like that one guy over and over, it could be love.”


6. “When a girl is with her crush, she reacts differently to him. She is not quite herself… and every cell in her body is paying attention to him and him only!”


7. “Most obviously, girls in love try to improve their looks. New haircut? Different make-up style? Fresh wardrobe? It’s all because of him.”


Source: Dispatch