These 10 Korean Horror Films Will Keep You Up ALL Night Tonight

Get ready for some serious chills, because these Korean horror films are spooky.

Asian horror films are noted for their unconventional and disturbing storylines, and South Korea certainly has its fair share of horror flicks that are bound to make your skin crawl!

Check out these these 10 Korean horror films will keep you up ALL night.


1. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

Dubbed Korea’s scariest horror movie to be produced and released, “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” has the classic horror movie theme of exploring an abandoned, haunted asylum. Tag along the crew who enters the nightmare of a building on a live broadcast.


2. The Wailing (2016)

“The Wailing” has a lot of Korean cultural aspects being mixed into the movie’s plot. A mountain village, hit with a mysterious diseases that causes death and chaos, and its policeman with an infected daughter consult a powerful shaman.


3. The Silenced (2015)

When a new girl transfers to a boarding school in “The Silenced”, she finds out several other students have gone missing. The movie unfolds as the transfer students sets out on an adventure to reveal the mystery behind the school and its missing students.


4. Don’t Click (2012)

The title, “Don’t Click”, warns you about the idea on which this horror movie is based. About a mysterious video clip that curses its viewers to death, “Don’t Click” received praise from the viewers for being a classic, but mind blowing horror movie of the year.


5. White: Melody of the Curse (2011)

“White: Melody of the Curse” is unique in that the story is centered around the world of K-Pop and a girl group… but don’t let all the glamour fool you, the movie is terrifying in its own right.


6. Death Bell (2008)

As if tests weren’t bad enough already, “Death Bell” takes the natural dread associated with midterm exams, and amplifies it tenfold. Being the only horror movie released in 2008, “Death Bell” scared its viewers with a school murder mystery plot.


7. Cinderella (2006)

What lengths are you willing to go to in the quest for physical beauty? That question is thoroughly explored in “Cinderella”, which will result in chills that aren’t simply skin deep.


8. Witch Board (2004)

If an Ouija board hasn’t been enough to discourage you, step up to the challenge of watching “Witch Board”. Watch the old Korean curse of “Bunshinsaba (분신사바)”, the board game that summons ghosts, unfold on-screen.


9. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

“A Tale of Two Sisters” became the highest grossing Korean horror film when it released, and has even landed an American remake. Based on a folktale, the film tells the disturbing story of a dysfunctional family.


10. Whispering Corridors (1998) & Series

“Whispering Corridors” is probably one of the most notorious Korean horror films ever made, and has spawned several sequels. Its chilling story serves as a critique of the country’s school system.