5 Korean Medical Folk Tales That Will Blow Your Mind

Who knew pork was so versatile!

Korean vlogger and K-Pop rapper Grace Kim shared some of the “strange Korean folk myths” that people believe in.

1. Son-Ta-Gi (Finger Puncturing)

Source: Grazy TV/YouTube

Grace explains this is something that is done if you’re suffering from indigestion. Allegedly, the finger puncturing releases negative energy from your body, helping you to feel better.

2. Eating Pork If You’re A Singer

Source: Grazy TV/YouTube

Pork fat is supposed to coat your throat and the next day you’re supposed to have magical amazing vocals.


Grace explained that the pork fat is supposed to coat your throat and remove any impurities.

3. Eating Pork Skin Gives You Collagen

Source: Grazy TV/YouTube

Grace said that when she used to go out to eat K-BBQ with her friends that were raised in Korea, they’d always eat the pork skin because your body allegedly absorbs it.

4. Eating Eel Is Good For Men

Source: Grazy TV/YouTube

Eel is supposed to be this ancient sign of vitality.


Eating eel is supposed to be really great for men’s stamina, ifyouknowwhatwemean. In reality, eel is chock full of vitamins and is just good for your health overall, so whether you’re a man, woman, or child, eating eel is just good for you, period.

5. Spicy Soup Relieves Hangovers

Source: Grazy TV/YouTube

The spicy soup allegedly helps relieve the pain of hangovers.

Did you know about these Korean medical folk tales? If yes, do you believe in any of them? Have you ever tried them?

Watch Grace’s video below for five more interesting folk myths, and to hear her thoughts on each topic: