Korean Netizens Have Chosen Their Top Song Picks By Male K-Pop Groups In 2017

This was a tough one!

Korean netizens have voted on which K-Pop songs by male K-Pop groups were a hit during 2017. With a lot of great songs to choose from, this was surely a tough question for the Korean netizens and K-Pop fans in general.

1. “DNA” by BTS

“DNA” by BTS is a groovy song that has a lot of catchy melodies and is a song that can easily make you want to get up on your feet and dance!

2. “Spring Day” by BTS

“Spring Day” by BTS is an emotional song based on the unfortunate Sewol Tragedy where 250 out of 304 people who were killed were teenagers who were in their school trip.

3. “Energetic” by Wanna One

A song that lives up to its title, “Energetic” by Wanna One is a song that can give any listener good energy and feel good during and after listening to it!

4. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO

“Ko Ko Bop” by EXO is a funky and groovy song that is perfect to get you feeling the summer vibes! It has a catchy rhythm and can easily become an earworm.

5. “Power” by EXO

A song that can make anyone start dancing and jumping and can make anyone feel like they are attending a dance party, “Power” by EXO is a song that delivers good energy through its upbeat and catchy melody and lyrics.

6. “Really Really” by Winner

“Really Really” by Winner is a groovy song that is more toned down in beat and is another groovy song. The heavy bass and easy to sing melody makes it an easy favorite for many!

Source: Instiz