Korean Netizens Are In Awe Over BTS’s V’s Upgraded Visuals When Wearing Earrings

Everyone wants a pair of those earrings!

BTS‘s V is known for his sophisticated fashion style, and one of the things that caught the attention of most people is how he most of the time wears beautiful and fancy earrings.

The earrings he wears are really fancy and are some of the best earrings some people have seen. Add his visuals into the picture, and then you get an ultimate visual upgrade, and V’s highlighted features!

Here are some photos of BTS’s V looking extremely good with his beautiful earrings!

1. V wearing some pearls!

V looks great in this nice and sophisticated earring that has pearls on them.

2. Dangling earrings!

V wore silver dangling earrings together with two other earrings that all come together perfectly!

3. Red earrings for red-haired V!

V wore red earrings to match his red hair!

4. Simple dangling earrings!

V goes for a more muted accessory in this simple logo designed earring!

5. Simplicity to keep it toned down!

V wore a simple large logo designed earring which seems to be his favorite design going for a more simple look, but still managing to be noticeable!

6. Silver loops!

V wears more silver dangling earrings which also seem as his favorites!

7. Two is better than one!

V wears 2 earrings on one ear and paired them together nicely to go with his outfit!

Source: Nate Pann