Korean Netizens Name Choreographies from SM Entertainment That Fans Either Love or Dislike

These choreographies are indeed difficult!

K-Pop choreographies are given huge importance in the K-Pop industry, and some of them may either be loved or disliked by both fans and non-fans.

Korean netizens name some choreographies from SM Entertainment groups that they either like or dislike because of how dangerous it is.

Although some fans dislike it because of their concern for the members’s safety, they understand that this will be a great way to show their skills and a talking point for the media.

1. “Cherry Bomb” by NCT 127

Some fans are always blown away by the powerful choreography, however some also remain neutral about it out of their concern for the members.

2. “Sherlock” by SHINee

Although fans were concerned about the choreography, everyone agrees that SHINee really showed some great dance moves for “Sherlock!”

3. “My First and Last” by NCT DREAM

The members of NCT DREAM hold each other’s feet while laying down sideways and pull each other inwards, making fans concerned with the boys’s safety, at the same time also loving this unique move!

4. “Overdose” by EXO

The choreography for “Overdose” was really physically demanding. Although it gave fans a sight to see, they also couldn’t help but worry over the members’s safety when performing the song.

5. “Catch Me” by TVXQ!

Despite fans being worried over the difficult choreography, it is undeniable that TVXQ! went beyond everyone’s expectations with this move for “Catch Me.”

6. “Wolf” by EXO

The formation for “Wolf” was really unique and an interesting sight for both fans and viewers, and remains to be one of the most memorable dance formations for fans. However, some fans were concerned with the members’s health and safety when performing it.

7. “Everybody” by SHINee

SHINee surprised everyone with this amazing yet difficult choreography! Some fans were worried about the boys’s safety whenever they performed it, but everyone can agree that this is a power dance move!


Source: The Qoo and Twitter