Korean Netizens Ranked The Top 15 Stars Who’ve Reached Peak Job Satisfaction These Days

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Korean netizens are back with another idol and entertainer ranking. This time, almost 7,000 netizens ranked the passionate, enthusiastic, determined stars who seem to have reached the highest job satisfaction lately—and here are the top 15 who made the list.

#15. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz’s Mijoo ranked 15th place with 0.6% of the votes.

#14. Mino (WINNER)

WINNER’s Mino ranked 14th place with 0.7% of the votes.

#13. Ju Ji Hoon

Actor Ju Ji Hoon ranked 13th place with 0.7% of the votes.

#12. Sungjae (BtoB)

BtoB’s Sungjae ranked 12th place with 0.7% of the votes.

#11. Zo Bin (Norazo)

Norazo’s Zo Bin ranked 11th place with 0.8% of the votes.

#10. Shin Dong Yup

Comedian and TV personality Shin Dong Yup ranked 10th place with 0.8% of the votes.

#9. Lee Kyung Kyu

Actor and comedian Lee Kyung Kyu ranked 9th place with 1.3% of the votes.

#8. Seunghee (Oh My Girl)

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee ranked 8th place with 1.9% of the votes.

#7. Park Narae

Comedienne Park Narae ranked 7th place with 2.9% of the votes.

#6. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri ranked 6th place with 3.3% of the votes.

#5. Jo Jung Suk

Actor Jo Jung Suk ranked 5th place with 3.9% of the votes.

#4. Yoo Jae Suk

Comedian and TV personality Yoo Jae Suk ranked 4th place with 7.5% of the votes.

#3. Kim Sung Joo

Television personality Kim Sung Joo ranked 3rd place with 8.2% of the votes.

#2. Yunho (TVXQ)

TVXQ’s Yunho ranked 2nd place with 29.9% of the votes.

#1. Jimin (BTS)

And the 1st place spot went to BTS’s Jimin, who received 35.7% of the votes!