Korean Netizens Think YG Entertainment Is The Agency That Treats Its Artists Best—Here’s Why

Some say YG mistreats idols, but these netizens think differently.

While some fans say that YG Entertainment mistreats its artists, others think differently. In a recent post trending on Korean forum PANN, netizens named three reasons that allegedly show YG Entertainment treats idols better than other companies.

1. The Dorms

For one, netizens noted that YG Entertainment idols have particularly impressive dorms. Under most companies, artists who are part of a group have to share a room with at least one other member. Some groups, like ENHYPEN, only have one bedroom between everyone.

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YG Entertainment, on the other hand, always makes sure artists get their own individual space. BLACKPINK, for example, have had separate bedrooms since they first debuted.


Their dorm is pretty luxurious, too. It’s said to have two bathrooms, a walk-in dressing room, and four separate balconies.


Likewise, all the members of TREASURE have their own bedroom despite being part of a large group. The members are split across 3 separate dorms by the Han river, each with 4 bedrooms.

And this isn’t a new phenomenon. Even older YG Entertainment groups like WINNER and iKON had spacious dorms with their own bedrooms.

2. The Styling

Styling is another key reason why some netizens think YG Entertainment treats artists the best. Groups under this label always look their best, from hair to makeup to outfits. BLACKPINK, for example, are always dressed head to toe in designer outfits.

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Likewise, groups like WINNER are often seen with unique and eye-catching hairstyles on stage.

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3. The Profits

Last but not least, netizens also praised YG Entertainment’s profit sharing above other agencies. While today’s distribution isn’t known for certain, the company reportedly splits music profits 50-50 with their idols from the moment they debut. Once they renew their contracts, that split is said to change to 30% to YG Entertainment, and 70% to the artists.

SM Entertainment, on the other hand, reportedly keeps 95% of all music profits, increasing the artists’ share to just 10% after contract renewal. YG Entertainment is also said to have more favorable profit sharing terms for events like concerts, giving artists 60% of the earnings. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are said to hand over just 40% of event profits.

Source: Nate PANN and Naver x Dispatch (Photo Credit)