10+ Korean Music Stars Who Are Getting (Or Already Got) Married This Year

Some of these star-studded weddings were attended by Girls’ Generation, IU, and more.

Love is in the air in the world of K-Pop this year. While many fans in Korea often frown upon their favorite singers dating, these 11 music stars are all getting married in 2020.

1. Chen (EXO)

EXO’s Chen announced his marriage in January, but the exact date was kept private. On April 29, he and his wife became parents to a baby girl.

2. Hyelim (Wonder Girls)

Wonder GirlsHyelim married her husband, taekwondo artist Shin Min Chul, on July 5.

3. Changmin (TVXQ)

TVXQ’s Changmin will be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend in September.

4. Junjin (Shinhwa)

Shinhwa’s Junjin will be getting married to his girlfriend, a flight attendant, in October.

5. Janghyun (VROMANCE)

VROMANCE’s Janghyun will be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend in August.

6. Jisook (Rainbow)

Rainbow’s Jisook will be marrying her boyfriend, computer programmer Lee Doo Hee, in October.

7. Gummi (Crayon Pop)

Crayon Pop’s Gummi got married to her husband, a businessman, on February 23. Before the wedding, she announced she’s also pregnant.

8. Sunday (CSJH)

CSJH’s Sunday got married on July 12, with Girls’ Generation members in attendance at her wedding.

9. Im Hyunjae (Hyukoh)

Hyukoh’s Im Hyunjae married his girlfriend of 8 years on May 17, and IU sang at his wedding.

10. Im Donggun (Hyukoh)

Hyukoh’s Im Donggun married his non-celebrity wife on June 27.

11. Jang Kyungjoon (Jannabi)

Jannabi’s bassist Jang Kyungjoon will be marrying his non-celebrity wife on August 8.