5 Korean Stars Who Surprised Fans With Pregnancy News In 2023

Congratulations to everyone!

When it comes to K-Celebs’ personal lives, stars often opt to keep their dating lives private, usually due to backlash. Because of this, fans often are surprised to learn of their favorite stars’ marriages, or in some cases, pregnancies, out of the blue, though they are usually greeted with well wishes.

Here are 5 Korean idols and actors that surprised their fans with pregnancies this year!

1. Former Hello Venus’s Lime

In May, the idol-turned-actress Chae Joo Hwa (Hello Venus‘s Lime) announced that she was five months pregnant, sharing photos of herself holding an ultrasound. The star previously married her husband in 2022.

| @hv_juhwa/Instagram

2. Lee Min Jung

Many were surprised when Lee Min Jung confirmed her second pregnancy with her husband, actor Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Min Jung (left) and Lee Byung Hun (right)

3. Former The Ark’s Euna Kim

Former The Ark‘s Euna Kim announced that 27 weeks pregnant in early April. Euna Kim is known for her time in the short-lived but sorely missed girl group The Ark and her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 3.  She gave birth in June to a baby boy!

Euna Kim | @euna102794/Instagram

4. Uhm Hyun Kyung

Following rumors in June, Uhm Hyun Kyung and actor Cha Seo Won announced they were expecting a child together following their appearance together in the MBC drama The Second Husband. 

Uhm Hyung Kyung (left) and Cha Seo Won (right) | @ringirin/Instagram

5. Former Bambino’s Eunsol

Eunsol, who attracted attention as a member of the controversial girl group Bambino, announced her pregnancy in February this year.

| @eunsolp2/Instagram

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