Korean Teenagers Anonymously Share Their Deepest Secrets

They revealed their deepest secrets anonymously.



“When I put on makeup, I pretend that I’m a celebrity on ‘Get It Beauty’ or live broadcast. I say things like ‘Hello~ Everyone I’m shooting for the jacket cover of our new comeback album~’. Sometimes I practice the reaction of winning 1st on a music show… lol sh*t…”



“When I went to volunteer somewhere I met a guy 1 year younger than me.

I kept asking him out, got his number, and even sat next to him on the bus ride home. But in the end, we didn’t contact much often and I forgot about it.

My friend recently asked for his number and I gave it to her. I shouldn’t have anything to say about it, but I hope it doesn’t work out haha…

My friend’s very pretty. I don’t think I’ll be dating in my lifetime. I don’t know how to talk to guys.”



“I’m a pervert. I’m not a lesbian, but I really like women’s boobs. I just love boobs.

I grope my friends’ boobs just for ‘fun’, but I secretly enjoy it.

My friends all hate porn and don’t understand why it exists. I say I agree with them and talk sh*t about it, but I actually watch porn every day.”



“I told my mom that I wanted to transfer schools for academic reasons, but honestly speaking, I wanted new friends and a new life. Of course, studying had a little to do with it, but it had more to do with starting new.”



“Ever since a long time ago, my friends and family would always say that I’m very pretty even from an unbiased perspective.

But when other people say I’m pretty I act like I don’t know and say I’m ugly.”



“I love music but I pretend I have no interest in it because I’m embarrassed about my hobby…

I keep it a secret from people around me and even my family… I’m just too embarrassed to reveal it.

Even though people say I have a decent voice, I’m still embarassed.”



“I’m a girl and I have a girlfriend. I even went all the way with her. My parents know I have a girlfriend but they don’t know we had sex.

I also smoke and drink with my friends.

The sex with my girlfriend was also bad. I knew right away that she was a virgin, but I pretended not to know.”



“I honestly like men, but people think it’s weird to be gay, so I pretend to be the type of guy who’s just not interested in dating…

Whenever I see a good-looking guy or even an average guy, I fix my bangs and my eyes are naturally drawn to them.

But in front of my friends, I pretend that I’m not interested.”



“I’m not bragging, but my family is probably the richest family in all of my school. But I don’t say anything because I enjoy watching a girl in my class stupidly brag about her wealth.”



“I always scream ‘gay sex!!!!!!’ on Twitter every day… I also draw, so I have more than 1,000 followers… lol

I think my parents and friends will freak out if they ever found out.”