Korean University Students Vote On The Hottest Bodies In All Of Korea

What is your ideal type of body? Korean university students voted on which Korean celebrities’ body types they envy the most! Here are the TOP 5.


1. Hyuna (21%)

Hyuna is truly the sexy queen of K-Pop, girls and boys both die over her perfect S-line. No wonder why she has so many swimsuit photoshoots!


2. Seolhyun (11%)

Seolhyun‘s body is the perfect manifestation of the ‘hourglass’ figure. She’s the 2nd most desired body type among University students!


3. Kim Sa Rang (10%)

This veteran actress maybe nearing her 40’s but the reason she was once a Miss Korea is perfectly evident even in her recent photos.


1. Kim Woo Bin (16%)

Kim Woo Bin‘s broad shoulders go on for days! This is why they call him the “Shoulder Gangster” of Korea.


2. Gong Yoo (10%)

Gong Yoo‘s body looks like it was sculpted as a Greek god. He always comes out as a loveable goofy character, but his body is stone cold muscles!


3. Kim Jong Kook, Julien Kang, Lee Jung Jae (5%)

You can’t leave out Kim Jong Kook when it comes to hot body lists! They don’t call him “SPARTA KOOKS” for no reason. 


All of Julien‘s brothers are UFC fighters, muscles just run in the family. 


Lee Jung Jae is the true role model for Korean men and age is nothing but a number for this man!

Source: edaily