Top 10 Weirdest Korean Beauty Products That Actually Work

These WTF products will make you look fantastic…but first, they’ll make you look weird.

1. V-Line Masks

The V-Line refers to an angular jawline that tapers down from the ears to the chin in a flattering triangle that gives a youthful appearance while accentuating a person’s facial features. Some famous V-Liners include Wanna One‘s Kang DanielDavichi‘s Kang Minkyung, and BoA.


Although some people are born with a natural V-line, it is often achieved through plastic surgery and/or makeup techniques.


V-line masks offer a third option for those looking to achieve this popular look. These masks claim to give wearers a V-line by constricting their jaw area, squeezing fatty tissue away from the chin, jaw, and neck, and slimming down the face.


Some of these masks look terrifying though, and if you were to go out in public in the masks Simon and Martina tried out, you might be mistaken for…


Jason! Yikes!


Others users, like YouTube beauty blogger Mehgees, have sworn by the clinically tested V-UP PATCH. After a month of use, she claims that her V-line area shrank by more than 3%.


2. Lip Gel Patch

Most people think about skincare but many neglect to care for the skin on their lips. Etude House‘s Cherry Lip Gel Patch has been a popular lip care choice in Korea.


This unusual product may look funky, but its cool gel and cherry extract revitalizes lips by replenishing their moisture levels. It removes dead skin cells and hydrates lips, but also takes care of the area around the lips.


You may resemble the Pokémon Jynx while wearing it for the required 10 to 15 minutes…


…but if this silly patch gives you kissable lips like these stars, then it’s worth it!

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3. Lip and Brow Tint Gel

You’ve probably never considered applying and peeling gel from your eyebrows like white glue, have you? Lip and eyebrow tint gels may seem weird, but they provide great, long-lasting effects.


Each product adds colour without lipstick, brow pencils, and anything else you’re used to using, by temporarily staining the skin. Just apply the gel-like products to your lips and brows and let dry for the indicated amount of time, usually 30 minutes. After they have dried, just peel it off and you’re ready to go!


4.  Nail Mask Pack

Masks aren’t just for your lips and face; they can be used on your fingers too. Korean nail masks are designed to make your nails healthy and beautiful by keeping them hydrated, but you will look a little strange while wearing them.


Don’t worry though! These masks only need to be kept on for 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s worth all the health they’ll bring to dull, damaged nails.


Plus, you don’t have to sit around and wait for your timer to ding; you can go about your day without too much inconvenience since these nail masks are slim-fitted and comfortable. 


5. Snail Slime

COSRX‘s Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a skincare produce made from snail mucin, aka snail slime. Yuck!


The idea of putting this on your face may not be very appealing, but it’s scientifically and dermatologically proven to be highly beneficial for skin cell regeneration and repair.


This product blends snail secretion filtrate with nourishing herbal extracts that can repair skin from acne, sun damage, and even scars by promoting skin cell regeneration. Suddenly snail slime doesn’t seem too bad!


6. Rubber Mask

This rubber mask from Dr. Jart is great for ridding your skin of redness and terrifying children.


One of the advantages of rubber masks is that they’re thicker than sheet masks and can hold more product. This mask may be the stuff of nightmares, but it will help tone and moisturize your face.


Plus, you’ll already have something to wear for Halloween!


7. Donkey Milk

We’re not sure who first decided to put donkey milk on their face, but we’re very glad they did.

Photo: ElaineMokk


Imselene‘s Donkey Milk Holic Sleeping Mask Pack is rich in vitamins and minerals are will leave your skin glowing. Each mask also contains taro alkali extract, whey protein, amino acids, and EGF, which nourish the skin. This sleeping mask pack has brightening and firming properties and, as an added bonus…


…you don’t even have to milk your own donkey!


8. Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This carbonated bubble clay mask may feel a little weird when you first try it. It fizzes while clearing out your pores and ridding your skin of troublesome blackheads.

After applying the paste of five minutes, the mask begins to bubble. After the bubbles start, add some water to the skin and massages two more minutes to achieve the best results!

Photo: LeSassafras


9. Panda Dream Eye Patches

True to their name, these masks will make you look like a panda while you’re wearing them. A cute panda though. We promise!

Image source: Vrivera


Tonymoly‘s Panda’s Dream Eye Patch is an eye sheet mask that brightens and gives vitality to dry skin around the eyes, a delicate area that requires gentle care. Each patch effectively brightens the skin around the eyes, so it’s recommended for anyone who suffers from dark circles under their eyes.


These masks are called panda masks for two reasons. They mimic the look of a panda and they are formulated with water extracts from a panda’s favourite food: bamboo!


10. Pig Collagen Mask

Yes, you read that right. Pig skin protein. For your face.


Pig collagen masks are made from pig skin and are rich in nutritious elements that help to keep your skin hydrated skin and enhance its elasticity. This mask fights fine lines, increases luminosity, and leaves the skin feeling soft. Put it on for 20 to 30 minutes while watching an episode of your favourite K-Drama!