Koreans Have Already Picked Their 3 Favorite “Produce 48” Trainees

Will these three prove themselves the next K-Pop superstars in the making?

Produce 48 is yet to premiere, with a first episode to air June 15, but Koreans already have their top 3 picks among the trainees!


1. Kim Do A

Contestant Kim Do A was born 2003 and has a petite figure that many viewers found adorable. Fans look forward to seeing her without braces as they see great potential in this idol-to-be!


2. Jang Won Young

Contestant Jang Won Young, born 2004, is from Starship Entertainment and may have claimed this season’s title of “Wink Girl”. Viewers are excited about her visual and look forward to seeing her talent on the show!

Jang Won Young actually appeared in YDPP’s “Love It Live It” music video!


3. Ahn Yu Jin

Contestant Ahn Yu Jin, born 2003, is also from Starship Entertainment. Already quite well known as the contact lenses brand Acuvue’s model and energy drink Gatorade brand’s ambassador, Ahn Yu Jin comes with a large fan base that is ready to support her way to the top!


Fans look forward to seeing more of these beautiful soon-to-be idols on TV soon!

Source: THEQOO