Koreans Believe Your Pinky Finger Can Reveal Your Deepest, Secret Personality

There’s a fun game Koreans play, which can “accurately” guess your personality! How? Just from the length of your pinky finger.

Check out the game below.. what type are you?

Personality Type A

If your pinky finger is the same height as the first joint line on your ring finger, then you are “Type A.”

This means you have a super bright personality! You’re balanced and sometimes mellow until you really get to know them. After that? It’s nothing but warm energy and vibes.

“You have a bright and humorous personality and are often the mood-maker in a group. You have excellent interpersonal skills, and have no qualms about expressing your thoughts and emotions honestly.

However, you tend to be afraid of loneliness, and thus put up a strong facade in front of others at times. Perhaps you could try not to read too deeply into things and try to be yourself for a change.”

— 1boon

Personality Type B

If your pinky extends above the line of the first joint on your ring finger, you have a “Type B” personality.

You’re probably super charming and very social. You tend to be extremely hard working and look to prove yourself as being so.

“You have a kind and generous personality and are often the receiver of all types of love and affection. You know your feelings well and are capable of expressing them with your excellent communication skills.

You dislike disputes and conflict and tend to put in effort in maintaining harmonious relationships between people. Those who criticize your efforts have most likely misunderstood your gentle and peace-loving nature.”

— 1boon

Personality Type C

If your pinky comes up short of your joint line, it means you have a “Type C” personality.

You’re a secretive person and stay true to your word. You have a really big heart, but can be shy and reserved.

“You keep a lot of secrets and tend to find it difficult to speak your mind. You tend to have difficulties expressing your emotions or getting closer to someone, even if he/she is someone you have affection for.

Also, you tend to have high expectations of others, and are sometimes greatly disappointed when they fail to meet the cut.

However, you have a strong sense of duty to go all out to help someone whom you’ve acknowledged as a true friend of yours.

Not thinking too much when it comes to building relationships, and gradually learning to accept help from others might help close the distance you put between yourself and others.”

— 1boon

Are you looking at your pinky?

Source:  1boon