Koreans Chose Which Position They’d Want To Be If They Were In A K-Pop Group

The most popular positions.

Many K-Pop fans have dreamed about what it would be like to be in a K-Pop group. These are the positions netizens want to be the most.

4. Leader

The leader is usually the eldest member or the member with the most training experience. Their role is to motivate and take care of their members, as well as to be the representative of the group. Usually, they are the ones who spoke on stage during awards shows. They are also the bridge between the group and the company.

3. Main Dancer

The main dancer of the group is usually the member with the best dancing skills. They typically get the most solo dancing parts and are more often than not found in the center during performances.

2. Main Vocal

The main vocal is the member with best singing technique and range in the group, and are usually given the difficult vocal parts. They typically have the most lines and sing the chorus and the killing parts. If they don’t do the chorus, they usually do the ad-libs.

1. Visual

The visual is usually the member who is considered the most attractive or matches the Korean standards of beauty. They are usually also the center of the group and the face of the group.

Source: Instiz