Koreans Chose The Prettiest Female Idols Who Aren’t Considered “Legendary Beauties”

They’re gorgeous!

Female idols are all famous for their gorgeous visuals, but there are a few who are singled out for having “legendary beauty”. Some of these legendary beauties include TWICE‘s Tzuyu, Red Velvet‘s Irene, Miss A‘s Suzy, and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA.

Recently, an online community post asked users which female idols they consider the prettiest even if they aren’t known for having goddess-level beauty. Here are their top picks.

1. Oh My Girl – YooA

2. Red Velvet – Wendy

3. Oh My Girl – Arin

4. April – Naeun

5. DIA – Chaeyeon

6. G(I)-DLE – Shuhua