Koreans Imagine One Dreamy College Life With These 10 Male Idols As Classmates

So… where is this and how does one get in?

College life may not turn out to be exactly as one hopes – but alas, that is also why everyone has the power of imagination. Creative netizens have re-imagined campus life with these 10 idols as sunbaes, hoobaes, and classmates; now K-Pop fans are begging to know where to send in their applications!


1. The Invincible Student Body President

BTS‘s Jin would make the reputable president sunbae of the school’s invincible student government body – smart, dapper, and somewhat hard to approach with an aura of out-of-this-world perfection!


2. That One Campus Soulmate BFF

NCT‘s Jungwoo – with that sweet smile and quirky personality you wouldn’t be able to avoid – is 200% likely to become your college best friend, after one hello. He’ll be weird with you. But more importantly, he’ll let you be your weird self too.


3. The Clingy-But-Cute-AF Hoobae

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo, boosted by his current role of a naive prince in the K-Drama Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung, would be that one hoobae who will always call you, ask what you’re up to, and wag his tail at you until you agree to have lunch with him.


4. The Clueless Sunbae in Your Assignment Group

Block B‘s P.O is the sunbae from your class who is in your group assignment, but has no idea what he’s doing. He’ll probably bribe you with some coffee and pastries, then irresistibly ask you for all the help he can get for that passing grade.


5. That One Boy Who Always Dozes Off In Class

BTS‘s V is “that one mysterious boy” who always dozes off in class, tucked away in the back row. But something about this boy is so eye-catching, everyone would wonder where he came from!


6. The Parental Figure Who’ll Support Your Every Decision

Kang Daniel, who is genuine, supportive, and super friendly, would make that good friend who will hype you up when you need it no matter what – and even when you don’t need it. He got your back!


7. The Parental Figure Who’ll Judge Your Every Decision

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi would be the brutally honest friend with a lot of opinions to add. But he’s right all the time and listening to him wouldn’t ever fail you – and you’ll find yourself going back to him for all your college-life problems.


8. The Wild Child Who’ll Drag You To Parties

GOT7‘s JB is most likely the hipster friend who knows where the parties are going down and is invited to all of them. He’ll talk you into stopping by a few of them – but he’ll also somehow convince you to bust out all the moves on the dance floor.


9. The Mildly Intimidating Athlete Sunbae

MONSTA X‘s Shownu, with his glorious godly physique, would come off as a bit too intimidating at first. He’ll always be sweating away at the gym or the field – but when he sees you, he’ll say hi.


And finally,

10. That Love Interest

Ong Seong Wu is bound to be your freshman fling, your heart throb, your GPA wrecker. With his visual and his warm personality, he’ll charm you in just seconds! Perhaps it will become romance, perhaps it won’t. But does it matter? He’s such an eye candy!

Source: Nate Pann