Koreans Pick The Prettiest Male Idols Who Would Make The Ultimate Visual Boy Group

They’re prettier than flowers.

K-Pop is full of gorgeous idols. Groups typically have a mix of guys who look masculine, boy-next-door, cool, and more. To single out a specific type of look, there are a few guys who are known for their pretty visuals.

Koreans have picked their dream group of pretty boy idols who would make the loveliest flower-like group! Check out the honorary members below.

1. WINNER’s Jinu

2. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

3. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

4. NU’EST’s Ren

5. NCT’s Jungwoo

Most of these idols have even rocked long hair or dressed up as girls at one point in time, proving just how pretty they are.

1. Jinu

2. Jeonghan

3. Ren

4. Jungwoo

Aren’t they just the ultimate flower boys?

Source: Nate