Koreans Pick Which “Produce” Season Had The Best Theme Song

Which is your fave?

Mnet‘s Produce series is known for its catchy theme songs, and netizens have ranked which season they believe had the best version of “PICK ME”!


With its addictive chorus and adorable point choregraphy, this season’s main point is how its sang in two languages: Korean and Japanese! The stage featured a main center, which was HKT48’s Sakura, but also had then-Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Kaeun in front as a representative Korean center for half of the song.

3. PRODUCE x 101

This stage is known for its incredibly difficult choregraphy as well for it’s punny name! Titled “X1-MA”, people didn’t even consider that X1 would be the group’s name, but as we all know now, the debut line-up ended up debuting with that stage name.

2. Produce 101 Season 2

“NAYANA” immediately went viral when it first came out as the theme song of the first ever male version of the song. With it’s catchy chorus and addictive point dance, people all around the world made covers of the song even before the show officially aired!

1. Produce 101

Of course, the OG still remains supreme in the eyes of Korean netizens. The song is a perfect mix of adorable and addictive, with people loving how easy to follow the point dance is, making it easy to jam out to!

Source: Instiz


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