Koreans Pick Which Special Stage They’d Want To See At End-Of-The-Year Shows

They’re dying to see these performances.

Korean netizens chose these hypothetical performances as they ones they’d be most excited to see at end of the year award shows.

4. EXO – “Sorry Sorry”

Netizens are dying to see EXO sing their sunbae Super Junior‘s iconic “Sorry Sorry”! Maybe the members of Super Junior could even join the stage?

3. SEVENTEEN – “Fire”

With SEVENTEEN‘s amazing performance ability, people believe that they can turn BTS‘s “Fire” into a burning stage. Just imagine how epic the dance break would be!

2. BTS – “Shock”

Highlight‘s “Shock” is a K-Pop favorite, and people believe that superstar boy group BTS would be able to pull of the song and it’s difficult choreography perfectly.

1. Chungha – “10 Minutes”

Lee Hyori is acclaimed as one of the most successful K-Pop soloist of all time, and Chungha is known as one the most popular soloist of the 3rd generation, so she’d be perfect for the song!

Source: Instiz