Koreans Picked These K-Drama Leads As The Most Lovable And Charming

Everyone loves them.

Though dozens of K-Dramas are released every year, Korean netizens chose these four as the ones with the most lovable and adorable female leads.

4. Strong Woman Bo Dong Soon

Park Bo Young plays the adorable Do Bong Soon, a cute young woman born with superhuman strength. Though she can use her powers to get what she wants, she makes sure to use her skills for good.

3. Hotel Del Luna

IU plays the CEO of Hotel del Luna, Jang Man Wol. As the CEO, she has been stuck at the hotel for years. Many love Jang Man Wol for her beauty and grace despite her fickle and greedy attitude.

2. Oh My Ghost

Another character play by Park Bo Young, Oh My Ghost revolves around Na Bong Sun, an assistant chef. She timid and shy, resulting in her being lonely often. As a child, she has been able to see ghosts due to her shaman mother.

1. My Love From The Star

Jun Ji Hyun plays a famous actress and student named Cheon Seong Yi. She is the most popular actress in South Korea, known for being beautiful, gorgeous, and all-around perfect. Many fell in love with the character for how badly she wants to do normal things despite being a celebrity.

Source: Instiz