If Anyone Says You Look “Innocent” In Korea…Here’s What It Really Means

If anyone says you look “innocent” in Korea… here’s what it really means:

Korean teens have been discussing the true meaning of “innocent looking” in society today.

Apparently, it means you’re extremely good-looking plus you have a god or goddess-like aura. The OP added that their hair is usually long, and no matter where they go, they’re the prettiest.

Here are examples that some netizens suggested are the perfect example of innocent.


1. Jun Ji Hyun

“To be called innocent, you have to at least match this standard.” 

— Netizen


2. BTS’s V


3. DIA’s Chaeyeon

“Pale, long hair, tall, bright, extremely pretty = innocent looking.” 

— Netizen


4. Wanna One’s Jihoon


5. Suzy

It’s actually f*cking hard to be called innocent, I’ve never heard it from someone before. If you’ve been told that you’re innocent looking, then you’re a goddess.

— Netizen

Have you ever been called innocent looking before? Do you think you’re bias is innocent looking?

Source: Nate Pann