Koreans Share Idols’ Pictures They Claim Only TRUE Fans Can Recognize

Korean fans are sharing pictures that they claim only true fans can recognize which idol they are referring to. Do you think you can guess who they are?

*Answers can be found at the bottom of this article!*

1. what a beautiful hand!

2. What a fabulous way to enjoy yoghurt!

3. Who would have such beautiful back?

4. Finger stars! Whose fingers are these?

5. Whose shy feet are these?

6. Whos fingers are these, feeding this cute sugar glider?

7. Uh oh! Someone is out of luck.

8. Who would this be?

9. An alien?

10. Marbles!

Was it hard? Easy? Here are the answers:

1. Wanna One Daehwi 2. NU’EST Baekho  3. BTS Jungkook 4.NU’EST  5. BTS Jimin 6. BTS Sukjin 7. BTOB Sungjae 8.BTOB Changsub 9.Seventeen Vernon 10. EXO Backhyun

Source: Nate