Koreans Take An Interesting Test To See How “Perverted” They Are

The number of grapes you imagine means what?!

Personality tests are some of the most interesting tests you can take because it could tell a lot of details about a person that they may be unfamiliar with. A YouTube channel by the name of The Offical Ori had some Koreans take a test in order to see how “perverted” they were.

1. Room wallpaper question

Many answered that they should take action, such as cleaning it.

Here is what the answer means.

2. Grapes question

Many had differing answers to this question, some going with an extremely low number and others with high ones.

Here is what the answer means.

3. Lion question.

This question also had a broad range of answers.

Here is what the answer means.

4. Golf question.

Many of the people didn’t play golf, so just gave a general answer.

Here is what the answer means.

There were other questions asked, such as questions that told about your biggest body insecurity. Watch the full video below!