Koreans Vote Which Male K-Pop Idol Makes Them Feel Like They’re Flying When Imagining Them Dating

Which idol is “boyfriend material?”

Recently, a community portal site, DC Inside, started a poll titled: “Which celebrity makes you feel like your flying by just imagining him as your boyfriend?” The poll was held from June 6 to 12 with a total of 116,069 participants.

Let’s take a look at what they thought!

5. Kang Daniel (2%)

The world fell in love with Kang Daniel when he was placed in the K-Pop group Wanna One, and that hasn’t stopped since! Now an accomplished soloist and CEO of two companies, who wouldn’t want to date such a stylish and cute man?

| @daniel.k.here/Instagram

4. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo (3%)

With his enormous popularity in True Beauty, fans and non-fans alike saw his caring, charming demeanor. Not to mention his handsome looks!

| @eunwo.o_c/Instagram

3. EXO’s D.O. (15%)

Although D.O. is boyfriend material regardless, we believe he solidified his spot by acting in several K-Dramas as a charming lead! D.O. is definitely the kind of man you can take home!

| @weareonexo/Twitter

2. TVXQ’s U-Know (38%)

U-Know’s handsome and sleek appearance makes him an amazing contender as a boyfriend! He truly embodies the likeness of the bad-boy everyone loves in K-Dramas while staying soft and kind.

1. BTS’s Jimin (41%)

Of course, Jimin comes in first! With his associated keywords being friendly, romantic, and cute, it’s easy to see why everyone thinks he would be an amazing boyfriend!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
Source: Top Star News