Koreans Vote On Which Pretty Noona Would Buy Them Food

After seven days of voting, the results are in!

After seven days of voting, Something In The Rain (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) fans have named the noonas they believe would most likely buy food for them.


3rd – Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon

This cute and charming noona scored third place with 614 votes, or 15.3 percent.


2nd – Lee Young Ja

Comedian Lee Young Ja’s hilarious, lovable personality earned her second place with 785 votes, or 19.5 percent.


1st – Jang Nara

Actress Jang Nara came in first place with 1,013 votes, or 25.2 percent, out of a total of 4,023 votes. This youthful noona may be in her late 30s, but you’d never know it just by looking at her. Jang Nara has been slaying dongsaengs since her Baby Faced Beauty days and recently played a college student in Confession Couple.


Honorable Mention #1: Son Ye Jin

How can anyone not want to share a meal with this gorgeous actress?


Honorable Mention #2: Hong Jin Young

Fans love this trot singer’s aegyo!


Honorable Mention #3: Kim Hye Soo

This strong, beautiful noona will make sure no one steals your food!


Honorable Mention #4: Park Na Rae

It would be hard to eat dinner with this comedian. She’d make you laugh the entire time!


Source: OSEN