Koreans Wish This Beautiful Japanese Girl Had Debuted In Korea

12 reasons Koreans are in love with Nanase Nishino.

Nanase Nishino is a popular member of Nogizaka46, a Japanese idol group. Korean fans are sad that they can’t see Nanase Nishino in K-Pop since she is perfect for the scene.

Here are 12 reasons why Koreans fans love Nanase Nishino and wish she were in K-Pop!

1. To start off, she’s gorgeous, obviously

2. She knows what her fans want

3. She has the best smile

4. She has the best reactions

5. She has aegyo down to a science

6. She’s comfortable with variety shows

7. She has a young puppy like face

8. She is cute even when she’s supposedly expressionless

9. Her wink is heaven-sent

10. She is a certified fashionista

11. She is amazing at drawing adorable pictures of animals

12. Her no-makeup look is flawless

Source: Nate Pann