Only Korea’s Top Female Celebrities Can Score These Super Exclusive CFs

In Seoul, these famous ladies are everywhere you look.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, soju is Korea’s number one drink of choice. Soju is easy to find, relatively cheap to buy, and it plays a key role in many social outings. Advertisements can be spotted all over Seoul, and these advertisements feature some very beautiful, very familiar faces. Given soju’s wide-spread popularity and ad visibility, only the top female celebs are chosen to represent their country’s favourite alcoholic drink.

1. IU – Chamisul Hite Jinro

IU has been the poster child for many products, including clothing, shoes, and instant noodles. She has also been the face of this soju brand for almost 4 years straight!

In this CF, IU sits alone while enjoying the great outdoors. Park Seo Joon shyly scoots in next to her. To break the ice, he asks IU if she drinks, then the two of them enjoy a round of soju together.


2. Naeun (Apink) – Joeun Day

While visiting Korea, Apink fans might encounter this beautiful face on a soju poster.

Naeun shot a few fun CFs for this soju brand. In one version, Naeun dances inside of a soju bottle cut-out while going through several outfit changes. In other versions, she gets the party started inside a bar by dancing with patrons while holding a soju bottle.


3. Suzy – Chum Churum

Taking a stroll through Seoul? Chances are you might walk past Suzy!

In one version of this soju CF, Suzy shows off her cute and friendly personality while sharing a round of soju with friends. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right there with her because the video is shot from the viewer’s point of view. In the second version, viewers are put in the role of Suzy’s date. She sweetly pours her date a drink then, after clinking glasses, ends the CF with a heart-melting smile.


4. Hyeri (Girl’s Day) – Bohae Ipsaeju

Who could resist buying this adorable, pouty star a drink?

Hyeri gets silly in this comedic soju ad. She exercises, brushes her teeth, rides a rocking horse, and dances around while holding onto a bottle of soju. Her hilarious expressions and overacting make this CF a memorable one.