9 K-Pop Acts Receive Nominations For The 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards

There’s a significant K-Pop presence at the EMAs this year.

The 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards ( also known as EMAs) is upon us, and the illustrious list of K-Pop acts receiving nominations is an unmissable topic of discussion. Taking place in Paris on November 5, the nominations hint at an intriguing shift in global music preference towards the Korean Wave. Let’s delve into the significant K-Pop presence at the EMAs this year.


1. BTS’ Jungkook

While BTS as a group has consistently earned its place in international awards, this time Jungkook shines solo with three nominations this year. His hit song “Seven” featuring Latto earned him a spot in the “Best Song” category. Additionally, he’s vying for the “Biggest Fans” award and, unsurprisingly, the “Best K-Pop” category.

2. TXT

TXT, representing the next generation of K-Pop, earned nominations in three significant categories — “Best Group,” “Best Push Artist,” and “Best K-Pop.” These nominations are yet another sign that points toward the rapidly growing global impact of the young group.

3. NewJeans

Emerging as one of the breakout acts, NewJeans is rapidly climbing the global music charts. Their nominations for “Best Group” and “Best K-Pop” signify their unique appeal and the fresh vibe they bring to the K-Pop universe. Their quick rise to the EMAs platform demonstrates the ever-evolving nature of the K-Pop industry.


SEVENTEEN also received two nominations for “Best Group” and “Best K-Pop” — a nod to their meticulous performances and vast discography. Known for their self-produced tracks and intricate choreography, their recognition at the EMAs underlines their unwavering commitment to their craft and the love they’ve garnered internationally.

5. aespa

aespa, with their avant-garde concept and futuristic sound, have captured the world’s attention, earning a spot in the “Best Group” category. Their unique blend of virtual and real worlds in music videos and storylines positions them at the forefront of K-Pop’s next-gen evolution.


BLACKPINK’s nomination in the “Biggest Fans” category underscores their unparalleled global appeal and supportive fandom. As a group that constantly breaks records and sets new benchmarks, their influence transcends music, establishing them as global style icons and trendsetters.

7. Stray Kids

With their raw energy and rebellious anthems, Stray Kids have carved a niche in the K-Pop arena. Their “Best K-Pop” nomination testifies to their unwavering ability to connect with fans through relatable lyrics and powerful performances.


Who hasn’t heard of FIFTY FIFTY this year? Their first-ever nomination at the EMAs further solidifies the huge impact the rookie group has had on the music scene this year through their mega-hit “Cupid.”


Nominated for “Best Asia Act,” TREASURE stands tall as Korea’s sole representative in the category. Their music, a perfect blend of catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics, resonates with fans across the continent, cementing their place as one of Asia’s rising stars.

Source: MTV EMA