5 K-Pop Agencies That Dedicate Everything To Just One Artist

In contrast to many major agencies, these companies put their all into just one group or soloist.

While many major agencies, like SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, are home to numerous groups and soloists, other companies have just one act on their roster. Here are five K-Pop agencies that dedicate all their resources to just one music artist.

1. EDAM Entertainment

Early last year, IU‘s manager of 12 years proved just how important the star soloist is by establishing a new company solely for her. Along with all her staff members, IU moved from Kakao M to its new subsidiary EDAM Entertainment in January 2020.

IU | EDAM Entertainment

This year, EDAM Entertainment also signed Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung actress Shin Se Kyung this year, but IU remains the agency’s only music star.


Previously known as BELIF+, BE:LIFT LAB was founded in 2018 as a collaboration between HYBE (then Big Hit Entertainment) and CJ ENM. The HYBE subsidiary trained multiple I-LAND contestants, but it only has one artist: the winning group, ENHYPEN, who debuted in 2020.


With I-LAND 2 set to create a new girl group next year, BE:LIFT LAB may soon gain a new act.

3. BlockBerry Creative

BlockBerry Creative was established as a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment in 2016. Just months later, the agency began producing the pre-debut project for its first idol group: LOONA. Five years after the first LOONA release (Heejin‘s “ViViD”), the group remains the only BlockBerry Creative act.

LOONA | BlockBerry Creative

However, the company announced the new name for its trainee team—BEBEZ—just over a week ago, indicating that they could be planning to debut another girl group in the near future.

4. Cre.ker Entertainment

Like EDAM Entertainment, Cre.ker Entertainment is another Kakao M subsidiary label. The agency was founded back in 2016, and was once home to girl group Melody Day. Now, since the group’s disbandment in 2018, Cre.ker Entertainment dedicates everything to just one artist: THE BOYZ, who debuted in 2017.

THE BOYZ | Cre:ker Entertainment

5. Dreamcatcher Company

In case the name doesn’t give things away, Dreamcatcher Company is the agency that manages rock idol group Dreamcatcher. The company has been Dreamcatcher’s home since their original debut as MINX all the way back in 2014.

Dreamcatcher | Dreamcatcher Company

Originally known as Pungnyeon Entertainment and later Happyface Entertainment, Dreamcatcher Company also debuted DalShabet back in 2011. However, the group became inactive several years ago, leaving Dreamcatcher as the sole remaining group.