These Are 19 Of The Most Beautiful & Creative K-Pop Album Covers Ever, According To Fans

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One of the most exciting parts of a K-Pop comeback is purchasing the albums that usually come with them! Korean artists have been getting more and more creative and artistic with their albums over the years, and oftentimes have art or other goodies inside of the packaging that is really unique and fun to receive. Here are 19 K-Pop albums that fans on Reddit have deemed some of the most beautiful or creative on the market!

1. Nonstop by OH MY GIRL

The Nonstop album not only looks like a board game on the outside, but has more on the inside that fits the theme, including a playing piece of one of the members!

2. HJZM : The Butterfly Phantasy by A.C.E

The cover art on this album has a beautiful style that perfectly fits the mystical theme and aesthetic of the title song and music video!

3. I Got A Boy by Girls’ Generation

There are multiple versions of this album for each of the members, and together their bright rainbow colors look absolutely stunning!

4. WARNING by Sunmi

With the title track on this album being “Siren”, Sunmi’s sultry pose paired with the purposefully messy decoupage style of the cover art pair beauty and danger together to perfectly encapsulate the album’s theme!

5. Rendez-Vous by Lim Hyunsik


Not only does this album cover have a cool space theme that matches the music video for the “Dear Love” music video, but it also comes in a plastic bag that makes it look almost like a ration pack, and includes a passport holder, ticket, and stamps!



Not only does each album look like an old-fashioned manga on their own, but together they look like an entire series!

7. Lilac by IU

Each version of IU’s Lilac album came with a semi-transparent sleeve that’s different than the front album cover, giving them a cool multi-layered effect!

8. [+ +] by LOONA

While the album cover itself may look relatively simple to non-fans, the members are aligned specifically in a way that matches to their sub-units and lore!

9. The Fifth Season by OH MY GIRL

Many fans loved the watercolor-like art style of The Fifth Season‘s cover art, which makes the already soft and elegant aesthetic even more so.

10. Pink Tape by f(x)

Pink Tape was one of the first albums that got very creative and unique with its packaging, making the entire album look like an old-school VHS tape that suited the name!

11. Perfect Velvet by Red Velvet

There’s something eerie and haunting about the art style used for the album with the title track “Peek-A-Boo”, with a creepy retro aesthetic that matches the music video of the song.

12. The War: The Power Of Music by EXO


This EXO album had so much unique art and pieces included inside of it! The style is very comic book or even Star Wars in nature, including “character” cards of the members and even actual pages of comics!

13. Self-Portrait by Suho

Both versions of Suho’s debut solo album were beautifully created in a semi-realistic, semi-abstract style that perfectly fits the mood of the EP.

14. The Park in the Night Part 2 by GWSN

The artwork for each version of this album is absolutely gorgeous and magical, with each one tying together with similar visuals but with details unique to each member!

15. Story Op.2 by Jonghyun

Another gorgeously done artistic album cover, this work does a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of Jonghyun’s voice in soft pastel colors and broad brush strokes.

16. Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet

This is another Red Velvet album cover that many fans love, due to its faded pastel colors and simple yet elegant design.

17. Shangri-La by VIXX


VIXX aren’t known as concept kings for no reason, and the entirety of the “Shangri-La” era was praised for its beautiful traditional aesthetics and details, including the album itself!

18. Red by The Rose


The build of this album is unique in that the album itself works like a standing photo frame, and instead of including a photobook, it includes individual photocards that can be swapped in and out of the frame!

19. Heng:garae by SEVENTEEN

And finally, SEVENTEEN’s Heng:garae album versions came in multiple pieces that fans could put in different orders and pin together in order to make unique journal-like photobooks!

Source: Reddit