These Are The TOP 10 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums Of 2021 So Far

Two are from fourth generation artists!

Now that September is over, 2021 is three-quarters of the way through, if you can believe it! The year has been full of so many great comebacks and debuts, from long-awaited releases from older artists to brand new solo albums and everything in between. Out of all of these albums, however, some have risen to the top, with nearly all of the top ten best-selling albums surpassing a million total sales! Here are all ten of those albums, based on Gaon data.

10. The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by TXT

This album is one of two by fourth generation K-Pop artists that have made the top 10 list so far for 2021! Released on May 31, this second full-length studio album by TXT has reached 835,230 sales at the current time, making it their best-selling album by far at this point in their career!

9. Bambi by Baekhyun

Baekhyun’s Bambi album is the only one by a solo artist to reach the top ten list for the first three-quarters of 2021! While the 2020 album Delight is still his best-selling at about 1.03 million sales, Bambi is a close second with 1,005,467 units sold since it’s release on March 30!

8. BE by BTS

Even though BE originally came out on November 20 of last year, the release of the “Essential Edition” in mid-February this year gave it a whole new boost of sales in 2021. In this year alone, the album has sold 1,007,576 units, but in total, BE has made about 3.70 million sales!

7. NOEASY by Stray Kids

NOEASY is the second of two albums on this list created by a fourth generation artist! Released on August 23, just a couple of weeks ago, this album by Stray Kids has already sold 1,228,591 copies, which is extremely impressive for any artist, let alone one that’s still so young!

6. Hello Future by NCT DREAM

NCT DREAM had an incredibly successful year in 2021, with Hello Future the first of two of their albums on this list. This repackaged version of Hot Sauce, released on June 28, is the group’s first repackaged album, and it has sold 1,268,733 copies!

5. Don’t Fight The Feeling by EXO

EXO made their long-awaited comeback after an extended hiatus with this album on June 7! This album, which is their seventh EP by the group, has sold 1,325,276 units, and is their third-best-selling album after The War and Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.

4. Your Choice by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s popularity has really been exploding over the last couple of years, and the sales for Your Choice just further prove it! Released on June 18, this eighth EP by the group has sold 1,465,781 copies, making it the group’s best-selling album so far.

3. Hot Sauce by NCT DREAM

Hot Sauce is the second album by NCT DREAM on this list, making them the only artist besides BTS to have multiple albums in the top ten! Released on May 10, this extremely successful album has so far sold 2,063,551 copies.

2. Sticker by NCT 127

NCT 127 also made the top ten so far this year! Sticker, which just recently came out on September 17, has already proven just how popular the group is, coming in at #2 with 2,277,575 current sales.

1. Butter by BTS

Finally, and unsurprisingly, BTS’s Butter single album is still the reigning best-selling K-Pop album of 2021 so far! Released on July 9, this short but sweet album has sold an incredible 2,875,074 copies since it came out! It’s their fourth-best-selling album in their discography, with only Map of the Soul: 7BE, and Love Yourself: Answer surpassing it.