These Were The TOP 50 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums Of 2021

How many did you buy this year?

Hundreds of K-Pop albums were released in 2021, from huge groups like BTS and TWICE to new rookies like ENHYPEN and aespa. Many artists broke their past records in album sales this year too, and some even made new records overall! Here are the 50 best-selling K-Pop albums that were released in 2021.

50. Stereotype by STAYC

Release date: September 6

Title track: “Stereotype”

Total sales: 158,185

49. The Awakening: Written in the Stars by CRAVITY

Release date: August 19

Title track: “Gas Pedal”

Total sales: 174,664

48. Blood Moon by ONEUS

Release date: November 9

Title track: “Luna”

Total sales: 175,287

47. Season 3. HIDEOUT: Be Our Voice by CRAVITY

Release date: January 19

Title track: “My Turn”

Total sales: 176,511

46. Like Water by Wendy

Release date: April 5

Title track: “Like Water”

Total sales: 180,714

45. Rumination by SF9

Release date: November 22

Title track: “Trauma”

Total sales:185,341

44. Noir by U-Know

Release date: January 18

Title track: “Thank U”

Total sales: 201,125

43. Romanticize by NU’EST

Release date: April 19

Title track: “Inside Out”

Total sales: 206,188

42. I Burn by (G)I-DLE

Release date: January 11

Title track: “HWAA”

Total sales: 207,927

41. Turn Over by SF9

Release date: July 5

Title track: “Tear Drop”

Total sales: 227,192

40. Countdown by Super Junior-D&E

Release date: November 2

Title track: “Zero”

Total sales: 233,892

39. Don’t Call Me by SHINee

Release date: February 22

Title track: “Don’t Call Me”

Total sales: 300,977

38. ZERO: FEVER Epilogue by ATEEZ

Release date: December 10

Title track: “The Real”/”Turbulence”

Total sales: 307,788

37. Switch On by ASTRO

Release date: August 2

Title track: “After Midnight”

Total sales: 309,750

36. Yellow by Kang Daniel

Release date: April 13

Title track: “Antidote”

Total sales: 318,743

35. Guess Who? by ITZY

Release date: April 30

Title track: “Mafia in the Morning”

Total sales: 330,070

34. The First Step: Treasure Effect by TREASURE

Release date: January 11

Title track: “My Treasure”

Total sales: 350,986

33. One of a Kind by MONSTA X

Release date: June 1

Title track: “Gambler”

Total sales: 358,474

32. All Yours by ASTRO

Release date: April 5

Title track: “One”

Total sales: 359,031

31. Queendom by Red Velvet

Release date: August 16

Title track: “Queendom”

Total sales: 360,070

30. Empathy by D.O.

Release date: July 26

Title track: “Rose”

Total sales: 378,715

29. Lilac by IU

Release date: March 25

Title track: “Lilac”

Total sales: 393,007

28. No Limit by MONSTA X

Release date: November 19

Title track: “Rush Hour”

Total sales: 409,830

27. The Renaissance by Super Junior

Release date: March 16

Title track: “House Party”

Total sales: 480,163

26. Crazy in Love by ITZY

Release date: September 24

Title track: “LOCO”

Total sales: 487,607

25. ZERO: FEVER Part.2 by ATEEZ

Release date: March 1

Title track: “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

Total sales: 514,498

24. Savage by aespa

Release date: October 5

Title track: “Savage”

Total sales: 549,133

23. Taste of Love by TWICE

Release date: June 11

Title track: “Alcohol-Free”

Total sales: 557,389

22. R by Rosé

Release date: March 12

Title track: “On The Ground”

Total sales: 618,876

21. Maverick by THE BOYZ

Release date: November 1

Title track: “Maverick”

Total sales: 627,987

20. Formula of Love: O+T=<3 by TWICE

Release date: November 12

Title track: “Scientist”

Total sales: 632,506

19. Thrill-ing by THE BOYZ

Release date: August 9

Title track: “Thrill Ride”

Total sales: 638,555

18. Christmas EveL by Stray Kids

Release date: November 29

Title track: “Christmas EveL”/”Winter Falls”

Total sales: 654,658

17. Universe by NCT

Release date: December 14

Title track: “Beautiful”/”Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”

Total sales: 720,235

16. ZERO: FEVER Part.3 by ATEEZ

Release date: September 13

Title track: “Deja Vu”/”Eternal Sunshine”

Total sales: 732,923

15. The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape by TXT

Release date: August 17

Title track: “LO$ER=LO♡ER”

Total sales: 744,956

14. LALISA by Lisa

Release date: September 10

Title track: “LALISA”

Total sales: 762,923

13. Border: Carnival by ENHYPEN

Release date: April 26

Title track: “Drunk-Dazed”

Total sales: 772,311

12. The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by TXT

Release date: May 31

Title track: “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)”

Total sales: 859,153

11. Bambi by Baekhyun

Release date: March 30

Title track: “Bambi”

Total sales: 1,005,467

10. Favorite by NCT 127

Release date: October 25

Title track: “Favorite (Vampire)”

Total sales: 1,151,395

9. Dimension: Dilemma by ENHYPEN

Release date: October 12

Title track: “Tamed-Dashed”

Total sales: 1,181,961

8. Hello Future by NCT DREAM

Release date: May 10

Title track: “Hello Future”

Total sales: 1,283,801

7. NOEASY by Stray Kids

Release date: August 23

Title track: “Thunderous”

Total sales: 1,285,788

6. Don’t Fight The Feeling by EXO

Release date: June 7

Title track: “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

Total sales: 1,334,682

5. Your Choice by SEVENTEEN

Release date: June 18

Title track: “Ready To Love”

Total sales: 1,465,781

4. Attacca by SEVENTEEN

Release date: October 22

Title track: “Rock With You”

Total sales: 2,059,091

3. Hot Sauce by NCT DREAM

Release date: May 10

Title track: “Hot Sauce”

Total sales: 2,088,655

2. Sticker by NCT 127

Release date: September 17

Title track: “Sticker”

Total sales: 2,431,995

1. Butter by BTS

Release date: July 9

Title track: “Butter”

Total sales: 2,955,990