These 20 K-Pop Albums Are YG Entertainment’s Best-Sellers In Their Entire History

How many do you have in your collection?

YG Entertainment has been one of the biggest and most successful companies in the history of Korean entertainment since it was founded in 1996. With well-known modern-day groups like BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, and TREASURE, along with pioneering artists such as Jinusean1TYM, and Wheesung, there shouldn’t be any K-Pop fans that aren’t familiar with the company.

Here’s a look at their 20 best-selling albums to date, which go back all the way to the mid-1990s!

20. The First Step: Chapter Three by TREASURE

Released on November 6, 2020 with the title song “MMM”, The First Step: Chapter Three has sold 235.5k copies in total.

19. The First Step: Chapter Two by TREASURE

Released on September 18, 2020 with the title song “I Love You”, The First Step: Chapter Two has sold 242.0k copies in total.

18. Taekwon V by Jinusean

Released on March 9, 1999, Taekwon V has sold 254.0k copies in total.

17. The First Step: Chapter One by TREASURE

Released on August 7, 2020 with the title song “BOY”, The First Step: Chapter One has sold 255.1k copies in total.

16. One of a Kind by G-Dragon

Released on September 15, 2012 with the title song “One of a Kind”, One of a Kind has sold 265.4k copies in total.


Released on December 12, 2016 with the title song “FXXK IT”, MADE has sold 267.0k copies in total.

14. Yang Hyun Suk by Yang Hyun Suk

Released in 1998, Yang Hyun Suk has sold 269.8k copies in total.

13. 2nd Round by 1TYM

Released on April 21, 2000 with the title song “One Love”, 2nd Round has sold 275.6k copies in total.

12. Alive by BIGBANG

Released on February 29, 2012 with the title song “Blue”, Alive has sold 279.4k copies in total.

11. Famillenium by YG Family

Released in 1999, Famillenium has sold 283.7k copies in total.

10. How You Like That by BLACKPINK

Released on July 17, 2020 with the title song “How You Like That”, How You Like That has sold 306.9k copies in total.

9. Heartbreaker by G-Dragon

Released on August 18, 2009 with the title song “Heartbreaker”, Heartbreaker has sold 330.0k copies in total.

8. The First Step: Treasure Effect by TREASURE

Released on January 11, 2021 with the title song “My Treasure”, The First Step: Treasure Effect has sold 330.9k copies in total.

7. Like The Bible by Big Mama

Released on February 6, 2003, Like The Bible has sold 338.4k copies in total.

6. Square Up by BLACKPINK

Released on June 15, 2018 with the title song “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Square Up has sold 392.1k copies in total.

5. It’s Real by Wheesung

Released on August 21, 2003, It’s Real has sold 407.0k copies in total.

4. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

Released on April 5, 2019 with the title song “Kill This Love”, Kill This Love has sold 484.8k copies in total.

3. R by Rosé

Released on March 12, 2021 with the title song “On The Ground”, R has sold 587.8k copies in total.

2. Jinusean by Jinusean

Released on March 1, 1997 with the title song “Tell Me”, Jinusean has sold 620.0k copies in total.

1. The Album by BLACKPINK

Released on October 2, 2020 with the title song “Lovesick Girls”, The Album has sold 1.39 million copies in total.

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