All 38 K-Pop Artists Confirmed To Participate In ISAC 2022

Who will you be rooting for?

ISAC, which is short for Idol Star Athletic Championships, is a sports event that features K-Pop idols and other celebrities competing against each other in a variety of athletic events. The last time the event was held was in 2020 in the form of the Lunar New Year Idol Star Championships, which makes it extra exciting that it’s returning this year! So far, 38 different K-Pop artists have been confirmed to be participating at ISAC 2022, and these are all of them.

1. NCT

NCT DREAM and NCT 127 have participated at ISAC before! The last time was at 2020 ISAC.

2. IVE

As a rookie group, this will be IVE’s first time at ISACWonyoung and Yujin, however, has participated before as members of IZ*ONE.

3. CLASS:y

CLASS:y is another rookie group whose first time at ISAC will be this year.


TRI.BE debuted in 2021, so this will be their first time on the show too.


ATBO hasn’t even debuted quite yet, so this is their first time too!

6. Jo Yuri

Yuri has participated at ISAC before as a member of IZ*ONE!

7. Jeong Sewoon

This year won’t be the soloist’s first time participating at ISAC, and he won silver in the penalty shootout at ISAC 2020!

8. Weeekly

Weeekly is yet another group that debuted after the last ISAC happened, making this their first time.


VERIVERY has participated in the ISAC events before! They even won silver in the 4 x 100m relays in 2020.


KINGDOM is another young group whose first time at ISAC will be this year.

11. Choi Yena

Yena is another former member of IZ*ONE who participated at ISAC in years past!


EVERGLOW has participated in the events at ISAC in years past already!


TEMPEST just debuted this past March, so this will be their first time at ISAC!

14. Ha Sungwoon

This soloist has appeared at ISAC before, and also ranked silver in the penalty shootout event in 2020!

15. Billlie

Yet again, Billlie’s first year at ISAC will be this year since they only recently debuted!

16. Kwon Eunbi

Eunbi is yet another former IZ*ONE member and now-soloist who participated at ISAC when she was still a member of the girl group.


YOUNITE just debuted in April, so this is their first time at ISAC!


ATEEZ has participated at ISAC in past years, and in the most recent event in 2020, they took the gold medal for ssireum, which is a form of Korean wrestling.


NMIXX is yet another newbie to the ISAC scene this year!

20. H1-Key

H1-Key just debuted this past January, making this their first ISAC event.

21. TAN

TAN also only just debuted in March, so this will be their first ISAC too.


iCHILLIN’ debuted back in September last year, making this their first ISAC as well!


DRIPPIN made their debut in late 2020, so they haven’t participated at an ISAC event before this year!

24. Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch has participated in ISAC in years past!

25. Brave Girls

Brave Girls has been around for some time, so this won’t be their first time at ISAC either!

26. DKB

DKB debuted in February 2020, so they haven’t yet participated in ISAC until now!


ONEUS did participate in ISAC 2020, so this won’t be their first time at the event.


PURPLE KISS is yet another K-Pop group that didn’t debut until after ISAC 2020, so this will be their first time!

29. TNX

TNX just debuted back in May, so they will be participating this year for the first time as well.

30. MCND

MCND debuted just after the last ISAC was aired, so this will be the first time they participate too!

31. WEi

Once again, WEi’s first time at ISAC will be this year since they debuted in late 2020!


ALICE debuted in 2017, but this appears to be their first time participating at ISAC.


WOODZ hasn’t participated as a soloist at ISAC before, but he has as a member of UNIQ in the past!

34. Kep1er

Kep1er is another rookie K-Pop group whose first time at ISAC will be this year.

35. DKZ

DKZ, formerly DONGKIZ, has participated in ISAC before under their former name, but not their new one!

36. Kim Jaehwan

Jaehwan has participated at ISAC before, and also earned a silver medal at ISAC 2020 in the penalty shootout!

37. Stray Kids

Stray Kids is definitely not new to ISAC, and Bang Chan won the bronze medal in the 60m sprint at ISAC 2020!

38. Xdinary Heroes

And finally, Xdinary Heroes is another younger group whose first time at ISAC will be this year!