These Are The 15 K-Pop Artists That Had The Most Music Show Wins In 2020

The top 4 all had 15+ wins!

With 2020 officially over, the total amount of music show wins that every K-Pop artist had during the year can be completely calculated!

From rookie groups to more experienced artists and even soloists, there were several K-Pop artists that brought in a huge amount of wins for themselves for their iconic songs.

Here are the 15 K-Pop artists that had the most music show wins from 2020, including how many wins they had for each song!

15. NCT 127: 5 wins

“Kick It”: 1 win (on March 27 on Music Bank)

“Punch”: 4 wins (first won on May 28 on M Countdown)

14. Hwasa (MAMAMOO): 5 wins

“Maria”: 5 wins (first won on July 26 on Inkigayo)

13. Apink: 8 wins

“Dumhdurum”: 8 wins (first won on April 21 on The Show)

12. Oh My Girl: 8 wins

“Nonstop”: 8 wins (first won on May 5 on The Show)

11. Kang Daniel: 8 wins

“2U”: 5 wins (first won on April 3 on Music Bank)

“Who U Are”: 3 wins (first won on August 11 on The Show)

10. SEVENTEEN: 8 wins

“Left & Right”: 4 wins (first won on July 1 on Show Champion)

“Home;Run”: 4 wins (first won on October 28 on Show Champion)

9. Red Velvet: 9 wins

“Psycho”: 9 wins (first won on January 3 on Music Bank)

8. Zico (Block B): 10 wins

“Any Song”: 10 wins (first won on January 26 on Inkigayo)

7. (G)I-DLE: 10 wins

“Oh My God”: 4 wins (first won on April 16 on M Countdown)

“Dumdi Dumdi”: 6 wins (first won on August 12 on Show Champion)

6. GFRIEND: 12 wins

“Crossroads”: 7 wins (first won on February 11 on The Show)

“Apple”: 3 wins (first won on July 21 on The Show)

“MAGO”: 2 wins (first won on November 17 on The Show)

5. ITZY: 13 wins

“WANNABE”: 8 wins (first won on March 19 on M Countdown)

“Not Shy”: 5 wins (first won on August 26 on Show Champion)

4. TWICE: 15 wins

“More & More”: 9 wins (first won on June 10 on Show Champion)

“I Can’t Stop Me”: 6 wins (first won on November 4 on Show Champion)

3. IZ*ONE: 16 wins

“Fiesta”: 4 wins (first won on February 25 on The Show)

“Secret Story of the Swan”: 7 wins (first won on June 23 on The Show)

“Panorama”: 5 wins (first won on December 15 on The Show)

2. BLACKPINK: 22 wins

“How You Like That”: 13 wins (first won on July 5 on Inkigayo)

“Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez): 3 wins (first won on September 20 on Inkigayo)

“Lovesick Girls”: 6 wins (first won on October 11 on Inkigayo)

1. BTS: 50 wins

“ON”: 16 wins (first won on February 28 on Music Bank)

“Dynamite”: 29 wins (first won on August 29 on Show! Music Core)

“Life Goes On”: 5 wins (first won on November 28 on Show! Music Core)