These 15 K-Pop Artists Are Owning Spotify With The Highest Number Of Followers

The top 3 have all surpassed ten million followers!

While a K-Pop artist’s monthly listener count on Spotify fluctuates on a daily basis, in general, the number of followers they have continues to increase over time, some more quickly than others. There are many K-Pop artists with millions of followers on the music streaming platform, and some have a large difference between their followers and monthly listeners! Here’s a look at the 15 K-Pop artists who currently have the most followers on Spotify, as well as their monthly listener count at this time and their most-streamed songs.


Followers: 5.10 million

Monthly listeners: 3.08 million

Most-streamed song: “HIP” (170 million streams)

14. GOT7

Followers: 5.67 million

Monthly listeners: 1.81 million

Most-streamed song: “You Calling My Name” (62 million streams)

13. TXT

Followers: 5.68 million

Monthly listeners: 5.57 million

Most-streamed song: “Crown” (122 million streams)

12. V

Followers: 6.11 million

Monthly listeners: 5.50 million

Most-streamed song: “Sweet Night” (205 million streams)


Followers: 6.42 million

Monthly listeners: 3.66 million

Most-streamed song: “Don’t Wanna Cry” (127 million streams)

10. IU

Followers: 6.52 million

Monthly listeners: 5.62 million

Most-streamed song: “Eight” ft. Suga (189 million streams)

9. Red Velvet

Followers: 6.53 million

Monthly listeners: 5.13 million

Most-streamed song: “Psycho” (286 million streams)

8. Stray Kids

Followers: 7.15 million

Monthly listeners: 5.67 million

Most-streamed song: “God’s Menu” (160 million streams)

7. Agust D

Followers: 7.61 million

Monthly listeners: 3.13 million

Most-streamed song: “Daechwita” (171 million streams)

6. RM

Followers: 8.59 million

Monthly listeners: 2.10 million

Most-streamed song: “Seoul” (100 million streams)

5. EXO

Followers: 8.87 million

Monthly listeners: 4.41 million

Most-streamed song: “Love Shot” (210 million streams)

4. J-Hope

Followers: 9.12 million

Monthly listeners: 2.29 million

Most-streamed song: “Chicken Noodle Soup” ft. Becky G (131 million streams)


Followers: 12.51 million

Monthly listeners: 10.00 million

Most-streamed song: “Fancy” (287 million streams)


Followers: 28.37 million

Monthly listeners: 13.69 million

Most-streamed song: “How You Like That” (584 million streams)

1. BTS

Followers: 45.99 million

Monthly listeners: 39.37 million

Most-streamed song: “Dynamite” (1.27 billion streams)