These Are The TOP 25 Songs By “Overlooked” K-Pop Artists, According To Fans

How many of these have you heard of?

Recently on Reddit, a post was made for K-Pop fans to vote for what they believe to be the best songs by “overlooked” artists — that is, artists that hadn’t been featured before in their ongoing “Top Ten Tuesday” series! Some of the artists themselves are more well-known than others, the list overall had a great variety of lesser-known artists or songs that perhaps haven’t had as much recognition as some feel like they should. Here are the top-voted 25 songs from the list!

25. “Platonic Love” by Snuper

23 points

24. “2U” by Kang Daniel

23 points

23. “Nostalgic Night” by VICTON

24 points

22. “Fantasy” by Fei

24 points

21. “1.2.3” by B.I.G

24 points

20. “Wave” by Limesoda

25 points

19. “Lay Back” by VERIVERY

26 points

18. “365 Fresh” by TripleH

27 points

17. “& New” by Eyedi

27 points

16. “Dalmatian” by E.R

27 points

15. “The Ghost of Wind” by ZE:A

28 points

14. “Face” by Woosung

28 points

13. “Arario” by Topp Dogg

28 points

12. “Don’t Believe” by BerryGood

29 points

11. “The Grasshopper Song” by SunnyHill

31 points

10. “Poison” by Pink Fantasy

33 points

9. “Hakuna Matata” by DreamNote

33 points

8. “Only One” by UNB

34 points

7. “Bloom” by Gain

34 points

6. “Love So Sweet” by Cherry Bullet

41 points

5. “Angel” by BerryGood

44 points

4. “Janus” by BOYFRIEND

46 points

3. “Love Options” by BESTie

46 points

2. “Don’t Tease Me” by SPEED

50 points

1. “Free Somebody” by Luna

68 points

Source: Reddit