9 K-Pop Artists Without Official Lightsticks–And Their Beautiful Fan-Made Lightstick Designs

We can’t pick a favorite!

Let’s be real: lightsticks are an essential part of any K-Pop group’s official merch. Fans eagerly await the announcement of their favorite group’s lightstick design, and while they wait, many of them turn to their imagination to create their own designs. Due to this, sometimes groups even ask their fans to design the lightstick for them! So here is our list of 8 fan-made lightstick designs we hope to see come to life one day.

1. AleXa

This super creepy yet cool lightstick was designed by user QueenofPurpleHearts on Reddit!

| QueenofPurpleHearts/Reddit

2. April

Although April are a six year old group, they still don’t have an official lightstick. This design was made by user @popkey_goods on Twitter.

| @popkey_goods/Twitter

3. CLC

CLC are another six year old group without a lightstick! This cute cat-like lightstick was also designed by @popkey_goods.

| @popkey_goods/Twitter

4. Everglow

Although Everglow are still a rookie group, @popkey_goods already came up with a lightstick design for them.

| @popkey_goods/Twitter


| Banana Culture

Although EXID are mostly inactive nowadays, fans are still hoping they’ll get an official lightstick. This animated design was made by user nj-du on EXID’s Amino forum.

| nj-du/Amino 

6. Ghost9

| Maroo Entertainment

Maroo Entertainment’s rookie boy group Ghost9’s lightstick design was made by user @hxney.land on Instagram.

| @hxney.land/Instagram


ITZY do have an official light ring, but fans want a lightstick, too! This design was made by @NINEpdf on Twitter.

| @NINEpdf/Twitter


All the KARD lightstick designs include a nod to playing card suits, such as this one by @popkey_goods.

| @popkey_goods/Twitter

9. The Rose

| J&Star Company

This detail-oriented lightstick design was made by user Aerokusaki on DeviantArt.

| aerokusaki/DeviantArt