15 Times ATEEZ’s Mingi Proved To Be The Cutest & Sweetest K-Pop Idol Ever To Celebrate His Return

ATEEZ’s biggest sweetheart is back!

Just a couple of days ago, ATINYs rejoiced when KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi would officially be making his return to ATEEZ after going on hiatus last November! Fans of the group missed him terribly while he was away, but everyone wanted to make sure he took as much time and rest as he needed in order to heal. Now that he’s back, though, there’s no doubt that we have so many new fun and endearing moments to look forward to with this giant sweetheart! Here’s a look back at 15 times that Mingi proved just how cute, kind-hearted, and adorable he is.

1. When he went around giving out free hugs to anyone and everyone.

Who wouldn’t want a hug from such a cutie??

2. The time that he (and Jongho) spent time looking after an injured cat to make sure it was alright.

You can tell they were genuinely concerned about it’s well-being!

3. The fact that he’s asked other members for their consent before filming them.

We stan an idol that respects the boundaries and comfort of others!

4. When he took the time to personally greet a child at ATEEZ’s fansign before they left.

He clearly loves every one of their fans so much, no matter their age!

5. He isn’t afraid to show his affection for the other ATEEZ members by holding their hands.

And we are absolutely living for it!

6. Just… This entire video.

Who can forget when he made the “fill up with love by a kiss” heart?

7. The way he interacts with fans is always so sweet and soft.

It’s just so easy and natural for him to be affectionate with ATINYs!

8. Sometimes he’s just so cute the other members can’t handle it!

But fans will never get enough of his adorable aegyo.

9. He once accepted a marriage proposal from a fan!

This moment was soooo adorable.

10. The other members describe him just as should be expected!

A strong and passionate rapper on-stage, but a sweet, kind cutie off-stage!

11. You can’t forget his duality!

How can he pull off cool and adorable so close together??

12. The way he smiles so brightly and genuinely is enough to make anyone’s day.

And we’re all so happy that we’ll be seeing it a lot more again!

13. Not only is he a genius songwriter, but he uses his talent to create beautiful and love-filled lyrics.

Just because he’s a charismatic, deep-voiced rapper doesn’t mean he needs to rap angsty things!

14. He has the most precious relationship with his mom.

You can tell he was given a lot of love growing up!

15. There are honestly just so many examples to give, a list could never be long enough!

We’re so glad you’re back, Mingi 💕

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