The 10 Most-Attended Female K-Pop Artist Concerts In South Korea Over The Past Year

A soloist came in at #1!

There have been many K-Pop concerts and tours over the last year that have attracted tens or even hundreds of thousands of attendees across the globe. Among these events have been plenty of concerts held at venues in Seoul, and those events alone have been highly successful when it comes to attendance. Recently, data was shared that listed the 10 most-attended concerts by female K-Pop artists held in Seoul over the past year, and their numbers were really impressive! Here are those 10 events.

10. Younha

Event/Tour: c/2023YH

Venue: SK Handball Stadium

Date(s): March 11-12, 2023

Total attendees: 9,493

9. (G)I-DLE

Event/Tour: I am FREE-TY in Seoul

Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium

Date(s): June 17-18, 2023

Total attendees: 9,869


Event/Tour: MAMAMOO World Tour “MY CON”

Venue: SK Handball Stadium

Date(s): June 16–18, 2023

Total attendees: 10,441


Event/Tour: Flame Rises in Seoul

Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium

Date(s): August 12-13, 2023

Total attendees: 10,635

6. Baek Yerin

Event/Tour: Square

Venue: SK Handball Stadium

Date(s): May 19-21, 2023

Total attendees: 11,477


Event/Tour: READY TO BE

Venue: KSPO

Date(s): April 15-16, 2023

Total attendees: 13,792

4. Red Velvet

Event/Tour: R to V World Tour

Venue: KSPO

Date(s): April 1-2, 2023

Total attendees: ~14,000

3. Taeyeon

Event/Tour: The ODD Of LOVE

Venue: KSPO

Date(s): June 3-4, 2023

Total attendees: 17,843



Venue: KSPO

Date(s): October 15-16, 2022

Total attendees: 20,060

1. IU

Event/Tour: The Golden Hour: Beneath the Orange Sun

Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium

Date(s): September 17-18, 2022

Total attendees: 87,578

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this data!

It’s great to see so many female K-Pop artists holding successful concerts in South Korea, as well as across the world!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa