13 Awesome Pieces Of Handmade K-Pop Jewelry That You Can Buy

You might be getting your wallet out for these!

There are tons of extremely talented artists on Etsy making all kinds of different pieces of art and jewelry and an assortment of other things. There are a lot of K-Pop fans that are on the site selling their handmade pieces as well! These 13 pieced of K-Pop-inspired jewelry are all available on the site, if you decide you see something that you can’t live without!

1. These Jungkook replica feather earrings.


If you saw these earrings that Jungkook has worn and wanted a pair for yourself, look no further! They’re perfectly delicate and pretty, and made of hypoallergenic stainless steel.

2. These Bang Chan dinosaur/worm drawing earrings.


Take a piece of Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan’s artwork with you wherever you go with these adorable earrings! The earring portion is made of nickel-free brass, and it’s the perfect accessory for any Stay.

3. These BTS-themed metal bracelets.


These gorgeous bracelets with BTS-themed engravings come in gold, rose gold, and silver. You can completely customize what the bracelet says to fit any BTS fan’s desire!

4. These SEVENTEEN-engraved rings.


These beautiful SEVENTEEN-themed rings also come in gold, rose gold, or silver, and are also completely customizable to show who your bias is or your status as a proud Carat.

5. These finger heart earrings.


Any K-Pop fan should recognize the iconic finger heart gesture, and these adorable earrings allow you to show it off all the time! They’re made of silver and are super delicate and sweet.

6. These K-Pop Spotify code earrings.


You can get any song of your choice that you’d like off of Spotify with these creative earrings! You can choose to have a pair of the same one, or mix and match to your heart’s content.

7. These GOT7 “Not by the Moon”-themed enamel pins.


Inspired by GOT7’s music video for “Not by the Moon”, this gorgeous enamel pin comes in a couple different styles, both with a beautiful glittery color for the sky.

8. These mini BT21 stud earrings.


Any BTS fan could use a pair of these adorable earrings! They’re made out of resin, and you can choose whichever pair you’d like — if you can stand only getting just one!

9. These NCT 127 chain earrings.


These fun earrings are a bold way to show your love for NCT! They’re made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust, and come with an anti-tarnish cloth to keep them polished.

10. These K-Pop logo necklaces.


You can choose from A.C.E, ATEEZ, BTS, The Rose, PENTAGON, SuperM, or a custom logo with these necklaces! They’re rose gold and have wonderful reviews.

11. This TWICE-colored bracelet.


This bracelet is more subtle for a K-Pop fan, but the colors of the beads perfectly match TWICE’s official colors!

12. This TXT-inspired wand bracelet.


This cute bracelet is also subtle, but is perfect for any fan of TXT! The cord of the bracelet can come in pretty much any color of the rainbow.

13. And finally, these BTS “7” swan lapel pins.


These pins are cleverly made so that the look like swans one way, and like the “7” logo on their Map of the Soul: 7 album when you flip them upside down! The colors on them are stunning as well.